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Woussoul is a mobile application that allows people with disabilities to find accessible locations.

VisionMap Board

VisionMap is a dynamic mind mapping board built using HTML5 compatible with Major web browsers.


TableLink is a mobile application for night out events booking and bill sharing.

We are experts in most of the major software technologies
  • Front-end Web Development

    HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Ember, AngularJS

  • Back-end Web Development

    PHP, Symfony, CakePHP, Java, J2EE, Jersey, Jetty

  • Mobile Applications

    Android, iOS, Swift, Objective-C

  • Cloud Platforms

    Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure

Our Team

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Mahmoud Mechehoul

Back-end Software Engineer
Mahmoud’s Blog
Mahmoud is a former Amazonian with 8 years of experience building highly scalable web services on the cloud.
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Soufiane Hassou

Front-end Web Developer
Soufiane is an expert in web technologies with 8 years of experience building cutting edge web solutions for companies all over the world.


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