we build software solutions using modern agile methologies


Mahmoud and Soufiane started building websites together before the dotcom era.
They have since transitioned to building web-based software solutions for the enterprise world using agile methodologies.
Mahmoud and Soufinae have a combined professional experience of 18 years and have worked together or independently on 40+ projects.


A job board and salary portal for current and future H-1B visa holders.

Bit Toys Cloud

A cloud platform which enables physical toys to have a digital presence.


A non-profit initiative to allow people with physical disabilities to explore wheelchair accessible locations.

Our Tools

Widely used and supported open-source tools
  • Front-end

    HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap

  • Back-end

    Java Enterprise Edition, Spring Framework, CakePHP

  • Infrastructure

    Linux, Apache, Tomcat, Amazon Web Services, MySQL

  • Miscellaneous

    Process automation, Web scraping, Project management

Our Team

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Mahmoud Mechehoul

Back-end Software Engineer
Mahmoud’s Blog
Mahmoud is a former Amazonian with 9 years of experience building highly scalable web services in the cloud.
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Soufiane Hassou

Front-end Web Developer
Soufiane is an expert in front-end web development with 9 years of experience building cutting edge web solutions for companies all over the world.

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