we build java and php web applications for the enterprise world


Mahmoud and Soufiane started building websites together before the dotcom era.
They have since transitioned to building web applications for the enterprise world through their company DevGator.
Since 2008, DevGator served 10+ clients by delivering 40+ products.
Go to H1BPay


A job board and salary portal for current and future H-1B visa holders.

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Bit Toys Cloud

A cloud platform which enables physical toys to have a digital presence.

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A non-profit initiative to allow people with physical disabilities to explore wheelchair accessible locations.

Our Tools

We build enterprise web applications using Java and PHP
  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap

  • Java, J2EE, Spring, CakePHP, WordPress

  • MySQL, DynamoDB (NoSQL)

  • Amazon Web Services, Web scraping

Our Team

Mahmoud Mechehoul

Software Architect
Mahmoud’s Blog
Mahmoud is a former Amazonian with 9 years of experience building highly scalable web services in the cloud.

Soufiane Hassou

Front-end Engineer
Soufiane is an expert in front-end web development with 9 years of experience building cutting edge web solutions for companies all over the world.